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SEO Success Story

A Search Engine Optimisation success story brought to you by the good folks at Waypoint Digital.

Hello there, traveller! 

If you are reading this, we assume you are familiar with the very basics of SEO and how it works.

If not, read this first: What is SEO?

What you are about to read is a success story (one of many) Waypoint Digital has had over the years.

We are based in Caroline Springs, but we help businesses all over Melbourne (heck, the world) be found online.

That being said, every business, industry, niche is different, and as such, results may vary from business to business.

Let’s go!

The Proof is in The Pudding.

The data and graphs that you see pictured is directly from Google Analytics data from one of our longest-running SEO campaigns.

(psst… we rebranded from Axiom to Waypoint recently)

This particular client of ours is a large retail business in the fitness industry located in Melbourne, Australia.

The SEO Campaign commenced in October of 2017.

The data compares the first 12 months of the campaign compared to the previous 12 months (before Waypoint Digital began doing awesome work).

SEO Success Story Image 1

Let's dive deep into the details

  • Total Individual Users to the website increased by over 110% in 2018 compared to 2017.
  • Total New Users to the website increased by over 111% – This does not count users that have visited the website in the past.
  • Total Individual Sessions to the website increased by over 106%
  • User engagement metrics saw improvements as well. Bounce Rate increased by 33% from a 17% bounce rate to 23%, this may look bad on the surface, but this is a direct correlation of increased users to the website.
  • Page Per Session increased by 13% and Average Session Duration on the site increased slightly as well.
SEO Success Story Image 2

Before & After SEO (Year-on-year comparison)

  • 4,717 Organic visits to the website vs. 13,308 (182% Increase!)

  • Organic traffic, specifically as a result of our ongoing SEO work saw huge improvements as well. This contributed to the increased online visibility of the site as whole.
  • Total Organic Users to the site increased by over 191% (9,921 vs 3,406) Total Organic Sessions to the website increased by over 182% in the 12-month period (13,308 sessions vs 4,717)
SEO Success Story Image 4
SEO Success Story Image 5

We could go on, but we didn’t want to seem like we were big show-offs. Need more examples, let us know 🙂