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Content Writing

Quality content writing gets your business noticed

Waypoint Digital has a team of talented copywriters who are experts in SEO content and copy.

Our approach to writing is to tailor each piece of content to each client so that they receive unique copy, and not just a boilerplate result.

Our content creation service is designed to match your brand, helping to enhance & promote it.

Creative, informative copy on your website improves SEO, improves leads and grows your conversion rates.


Types of content we provide:

  • Blog posts
  • Website content
  • Landing page content
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases

Quality content

Bad content for your website can damage your business, making it difficult to rescue your reputation. If you want to get it right the first time, you need to make sure you use quality, well-researched copy that you can rely on. Whether you need it for SEO or as a free gift to get people to sign up for your mailing list, it needs to be dynamic, captivating and informative. 

Unique content

Adding unique content to your website is essential. Your site will be favoured more by search engines if the content is written from scratch, just for your brand. Every page on your site needs to be unique because duplicate content, even if it’s on your own website, can have a negative effect on how search engines assess you. 

Copy that sells

The job of the content on your website is to sell your business, and it can be used to target people at different points in the buying process. SEO content will help increase traffic to your site by boosting keyword rankings. Landing pages help you collect leads, along with downloadable materials such as case studies and ebooks that can encourage people to give you their contact details in exchange for something that’s useful for them. 


Blog writing

Blogging has become a vital part of any company’s brand management and digital marketing strategy. Over 80% of Australian companies are using blogs and content marketing on their websites to reach out to customers and improve SEO.

Blog writing is one of the key areas where we ensure that we keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and updates. Blogging should be included in your brand promotion to increase awareness, engagement and SEO for your website.

Increase reader engagement

Regular blog posting forms an essential element of SEO. Posting fresh content on your website makes your site look better to search engines. It also gives you opportunities to weave the keywords and phrases you want to target into your content, finding potential new customers through blog posts that are relevant to their interests.


Blogging helps with SEO

Posting blogs on your website increases customer engagement as you can get people to stay on your site longer by offering them plenty of informative and entertaining content.Use blogs to answer the burning questions customers have and encourage people to comment on your posts and share information, as well as share your blogs on social media.

Build your brand

Blogging is an ideal way to showcase more of your brand and build your brand image in a way you might not be able to do through other channels. Inbound marketing methods, like blogging and other forms of content marketing, allow you to have more of a conversation and a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. You can show more of what your brand stands for and how you approach your customers when you can open up conversation using your blog. It allows you to be less corporate and more approachable.

Become a voice of authority

Your blog is a great channel for making your brand a leader in your industry. Show that you know what you’re talking about by providing insights, advice and opinions on the latest issues. Turning your blog into a useful resource will help to encourage more engagement and could lead to higher conversion rates for your site. 


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